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Morning meditation — We can give time to the mind, really wanting to make it better and better.

‘We can give time to the mind, really wanting to make it better and better. This is a kind of grasping, but there is nothing wrong in wanting to make life better, not in this dharma context. At least it is going in the direction of dharma.’ Geshe Tashi Tsering

Rejecting Shame To Reclaim The Power Of The Period

Artwork©prochkailo/123rf When Radha Paudel was 7 years old, she started noticing something strange: Every few weeks, her mother had separate plates to eat off, separate clothes to wear, and a separate place to sleep. She wasn’t allowed to enter the kitchen and...

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Breaking Free from the Shadow of a Narcissistic Parent

“One of the greatest awakenings comes when you realize that not everybody changes. Some people never change. And that’s their journey. It’s not yours to try to fix for them.” ~Unknown In the journey of life, we often encounter pivotal moments that force us to confront...

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What is Kundalini? Translated as "snake" in the ancient language of Sanskrit, it represents the lifeforce energy believed to lay dormant, coiled in the spine until spiritual awakening and the enhanced connection of all seven major chakras. 

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