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11 Earnest Thank You Notes for Friends

Oh, what a wonderful topic to write about: thank you notes for friends! I really revere friendship and feel overflowing gratitude for the existence and experience of it. A form of love that is simple, spirited, supportive, and soothing all at once. Friends are there...



Morning meditation — Buddhist meditation has nothing to do with time or attainment.

‘Buddhist meditation has nothing to do with time or attainment, success or failure.’ Zen Graffiti

Choosing Well For Our Children

Photo©KasperRavlo/123rf No matter where you fall on the spectrum of opinion around technology in our children’s lives, it’s impossible not to notice that it is changing them. The very essence of what it means to be alive is being redesigned, reworked and renegotiated...

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Stay in the Know

What is Kundalini? Translated as "snake" in the ancient language of Sanskrit, it represents the lifeforce energy believed to lay dormant, coiled in the spine until spiritual awakening and the enhanced connection of all seven major chakras. 

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