The Closure in Accepting That They May Never Change

“One of the hardest things I’ve had to understand is that closure comes from within. Especially difficult if you’ve been betrayed by someone you love because you feel like you gotta let them know the pain they caused, but the peace you seek can only be given to you by...

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Perfect Days

Two weeks in the life of a cleaner of public toilets in Tokyo with a luminous performance by Koji Yakusho as an exemplar of everyday spirituality.

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A 15-Minute Meditation for Patience and Resolve

Developing a sense of equanimity is difficult—even in the best of times. This guided meditation from Mark Bertin offers a quiet moment to be patient with ourselves as we navigate discomfort and uncertainty together. The post A 15-Minute Meditation for Patience and...

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20 Days in Mariupol

Courageous reporting of the horrors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine by journalists on the ground as a city is destroyed.

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