Imagine your perfectly healthy daughter waking up one day with a mysterious cough, wheeze, and an overwhelming sense of “air hunger,” not being able to get enough air. This was the reality for my 23-year-old daughter, whose sudden and severe symptoms led us on a challenging journey through the medical system. Little did we know the root cause of her illness would be a condition that often eludes conventional medical diagnoses — chronic Lyme disease.

The journey began with a terrifying episode of extremely high blood pressure, landing us in the ICU for three weeks. Despite consulting 27 specialists, the medical community struggled to identify the cause of her sudden health decline. Misdiagnoses ranged from heart failure to accusations of a street drug addiction, leaving us frustrated and desperate for answers.

It took a year of persistent searching and multiple specialists before a gastroenterologist, thinking outside the box, suggested Lyme disease as a possibility. This revelation opened our eyes to the challenges of diagnosing Lyme disease, which often mimics other conditions, and the limited understanding within the medical community.

We discovered Lyme disease, especially in its chronic form, is often misunderstood and overlooked by many medical professionals. Testing can be unreliable, and the lack of training in this area leaves many cases undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Despite the advancements in modern medicine, chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections posed a formidable challenge for our daughter’s recovery.

The Role Of Herbal Remedies

Frustrated with the limitations of conventional medicine, we embarked on a journey to explore alternative treatments for our daughter’s health. Guided by a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD), herbal medicine emerged as a pivotal component in her healing process. However, we quickly realized that a one-size-fits-all approach was inadequate. Through extensive research, we meticulously tailored a specific herbal regimen to address her unique symptoms, providing a more holistic and personalized treatment. We addressed the Lyme parasites by employing a blend of homeopathic remedies tailored to our daughter’s symptoms, and potent herbal tinctures designed to combat the specific parasites associated with Lyme disease.

One of the most challenging symptoms for our daughter was not being able to get enough air, attributed to Babesia, a co-infector of Lyme, which was affecting her lungs and kidneys. Babesia is a malaria-like parasite which infects red blood cells, and can be carried by ticks or other stinging insects. Our research identified Artemisia annua, a potent antiparasitic herb native to China commonly used to treat malaria, as the optimal solution. Additionally, we incorporated a combination of herbs renowned for their anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial effects against Lyme disease, which have been extensively studied and proven effective.

Japanese knotweed, indigenous to Asian countries, demonstrated exceptional efficacy. Recent studies indicate its ability to halt the growth of Borrelia bacteria, the causative agent of Lyme, and even combat Babesiosis. Cat’s claw, a vine native to the Amazon rainforest, also played a crucial role in our daughter’s healing journey. Known for enhancing a specific natural killer cell often deficient in individuals with Lyme, we believe it contributed to boosting her energy.

During her most challenging days, confined to bed with the primary hurdle being the effort to go to the bathroom, we introduced cat’s claw. The gradual increase in dosage over 3 to 4 weeks proved effective in addressing her specific needs. Dealing with Lyme presented the challenge of “herxing,” where the body may be overwhelmed by the effects of dying microbes, leading to exacerbated symptoms like fatigue and joint pain. However, we found relief and prevention by slowly increasing the herbal dosage, as little as one daily drop at a time, effectively managing these challenges.

Rife Therapy

In conjunction with herbal remedies, we integrated Rife therapy into our treatment strategy — a non-invasive method that harnesses light frequencies through Beam Ray technology to selectively target specific organisms, leading to their fragmentation. While scientific evidence supporting its efficacy remains limited, numerous testimonials, particularly within the Lyme community, highlight significant improvements and even a return to normalcy.

We chose to pursue this treatment option based on its absence of documented side effects and the encouraging testimonials from others who had undergone similar experienced. The Beam Ray session took place in a room furnished with a flat bed and a side table supporting a computer configured to input precise light frequencies. A non-invasive probe placed on specific acupuncture points on the hands and feet generates minute electrical charges that convey information signals about the body’s organ and system conditions, guiding the treatment.

During the sessions, our daughter reclined on the bed for two hours, while the light encompassed her entire body without any discernible sensation of heat or intensity. We maintained a consistent schedule of three therapy sessions per week for nearly a year, complementing the treatment with the herbal supplements. Eventually, we witnessed gradual progress and symptom remission, which we attributed to the decreasing presence of pathogens in our daughter’s chronic case.

Our journey was challenging, requiring persistence, and a willingness to explore beyond conventional avenues. We learned the importance of becoming our own health detectives, advocating for a comprehensive understanding of chronic conditions. Today, I am delighted to share that my daughter is Lyme disease-free.

Natasha Honan is a homeopath trained in London at the College of Homeopathy. She received additional training studying medicinal practices in India and China. In 2020, she founded Limelight Herbals, which specializes in liquid herbal formulas designed to enhance immunity and support organ function. Visit

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