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New York City Plans To Wipe Out $2 Billion In Medical Debt For 500,000 Residents

by The Associated Press

New York City intends to wipe out more than $2 billion in medical debt for up to 500,000 residents, tackling a top cause of personal bankruptcy, Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday. The city is working with RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys medical debt in bulk from hospitals and debt collectors for pennies on the dollar. The group targets the debt of people with low incomes or financial hardships and then forgives the amounts. Under the program, the city will spend $18 million over three years. “For middle- and working-class New Yorkers, medical bills can be financially devastating,” Adams said as he announced the plan.

Massachusetts Student Connects Teens To Climate Action: Bridging Organizations With Volunteers

by Kayla Anzalone, Rustic Pathways

The Climate Leaders Fellowship program teaches students about climate change and environmental sustainability, and guides them in designing and launching a project in their own communities. Read about Callie’s impactful experience! Hi! My name is Callie Brady, and I’m a sophomore at Pingree School in Massachusetts. I have a passion for environmental preservation and humanitarian efforts within and beyond my community. For my project, I addressed the struggle high school students face finding programs that feature their climate concerns, while still offering volunteer opportunities for their age range.

Climate Scientist Mark Maslin: ‘We Have All The Technology We Need To Move To A Cleaner, Renewable World’

by Shaoni Bhattacharya, The Guardian

Prof Mark Maslin studies climate change and human impacts as professor of Earth system science at University College London (UCL) and the Natural History Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen. He recently partnered with the comedian Jo Brand in an online film to “translate” climate science for a wider audience. He is one of the lead organisers of Love Your Planet with Al Gore’s charity, the Climate Reality Project, and the Climate Cafe at UCL on 14 February.

Palau Is The First Nation To Ratify Treaty To Protect High Seas

by Elizabeth Claire Alberts, Mongabay

Palau has become the first nation to ratify the high seas treaty, a legally binding international agreement that seeks to protect and manage ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction. The high seas treaty, also known as the BBNJ (biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction) agreement, will provide a legal framework for governing the high seas. This vast marine area covers two-thirds of the world’s oceans, but only 1% of it is currently protected. While there are many aspects of the treaty, three central components are a mandate to establish marine protected areas (MPAs) and other managed areas on the high seas.

Little Boy Shows Example Of True Friendship In Sweet Video After A Classmate Was Called ‘Dumb’

by Jacalyn Wetzel, Upworthy

Things don’t always go our way, and sometimes people have a way of making you feel pretty bad about yourself. Whether it’s because of how you dress, laugh or how you fixed your hair that day, there are some people that will just try to find a way to make you feel badly. During those moments, it’s great to have a friend that will remind you of who you truly are. A little girl was having one of those days and her classmate, Mason, knew just how to support her. He gave her the most heartfelt pep talk his little body could muster causing the internet to collectively sigh, “aww.”

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